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Wilbers Farm

Purebred March yearling bulls, raised on fescue mixed pasture with rotational grazing and poly wire. The first bull pictured, the bull with scurs, is # 1423. 1423's sire is a son of Broadway and cow 425, his sire's ID # is 341and registration # is 33014. 1423's dam is a RH60 daughter. The second bull pictured is # 1723. 1723's sire and 1723's dam are the son and daughter of bull 341, which makes Broadway and cow 425 his grandsire and granddam. The bulls had a BSE on 5/17/'24. 1423's normal cell count was 87% and 1723's normal cell count was 96%. Registration papers on these bulls are pending and should be here soon. email - PH. (573)821-6235
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