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Brandon Mebruer

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Brandon Mebruer

Indian Creek Family Farms

Location: Linn, MO

Region: Midwest / Upper Midwest

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About Brandon

In 2014 the first two South Polls made the move to our farm. The following year three more joined the small red herd. Grandpa and dad looked at me as if I had lost my mind spending big money on such a little cow. Then the first crop of calves hit the ground and we watched them grow and flourish on our farm alongside our Angus cattle. Slowly but surely grandpa and dad grew to respect the little red cow and today our farm runs a herd of 50 South Poll cows. In 2020 the family farm was renamed Indian Creek Farms after the beautiful spring fed creek that winds its way through the farm and into the Maries River. We encourage any interested in the South Poll breed to stop by the farm to discuss our operation here in Rich Fountain, Missouri.