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Adam Boman

Good life grass farm

Adam Boman

Good Life Grass Farm

Location: Pierce City, MO

Region: Midwest / Upper Midwest


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About Adam

Good Life Grass Farms is all about regenerative agriculture and providing our customers with the most dependable source of pasture raised, delicious, and nutrient packed protein. The meat we sell is the meat we serve on our table.

We believe that food can help play a role in improving the health of our families and community. We believe that eating “clean” improves health and greatly benefits the environment of the community it comes from.

We see our role as farmers to be stewards to the land. Our 100% pasture raised, all-natural meats are raised in ways that builds soil resources and protect local water resources. We focus on implementing agricultural practices that increase the sustainability of our farms and improve the health benefits of the food we produce. We do this by working with nature, not against it. For example, we utilize mob grazing and hair sheep to control undesirable plants (aka weeds), instead of using chemical herbicides to spray them.

We have found over time that the practices that improve the life and health of our animals improves the land in turn. We have dozens of small grazing paddocks on our farms which we rotate our livestock. More frequent rotations and fresh grass leads to a healthier animal. Having a high number of paddocks allows plants more rest time between grazing events (32-45 days) and results in more and better forage without using chemical fertilizers. Always leaving some forage behind (often smashed down to the ground), not using chemical fertilizers, and not spraying our pastures with herbicides allows our soil microbial community to thrive and leads to more species and numbers of desirable soil bugs and earthworms. The increase in bugs, earthworms, and soil microbes leads to healthier soils. Healthier soils leads to better water infiltration and a more diverse and healthy array of plants. Finally, you guessed it, a more diverse and healthy array of plants leads to animals that do not need antibiotics, pesticides, or supplements to stay healthy.

My wife, Teresa, and I were both raised on livestock farms and both have degrees in ecology and natural resources. Teresa is an Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Health and Safety at Missouri Southern University in Joplin. I work full-time on the farm. We are passionate about sharing the experiences of farm life and the natural world with our 4 children, our family, our friends, and our customers.

Along with our friends, partners, and loyal customers, we are blessed to be part of a food system which builds relationships, positively contributes to environmental health, and fuels healthy lifestyles for everyone and every “thing” involved.